Make The Shift From Determinism To Free Will With Discipline

Which is stronger? Instant gratification or your ability to resist temptation in order to build something greater? 

Discipline is the missing link between the life you have now and everything you want to manifest! 

Manifestation, contrary to popular belief in some circles, is an ACTIVE process. 

It is not about wishing things into existence. Instead, it is a collaborative process in which you meet the magic of the Universe halfway in cocreating what you envision through taking measured action.

Now this action may look different for everyone, and it doesn’t always mean putting your nose to the grindstone. 

Along my journey, some of the biggest pivots in my manifestation game came from cognitive shifts I actively and consciously worked on every. Single. Day. 

The discipline doesn’t always need to exist in the external force you put out into the world. Sometimes it’s about training your mind through reframing your perspectives, cultivating inner harmony with your emotions, and resolving internal resistance.

Discipline is the essential fuel in taking the action, even in the face of discomfort, and it is fed by a commitment to your WHY – your reason for being, for doing, for living. 

It’s all too easy to get distracted by empty pleasures. 

That instant dopamine hit that comes from eating that snack, binging on Netflix, or checking social media notifications can be extremely tempting. 

An untrained mind may bend and cave to impulse – it is far more effortless to do the things you’ve always done, and to exist the way you’ve always been. 

However, if we continue to operate from our subconscious programming, we fall into the clutches of Determinism – we’re not exercising our free will and we are running our life on autopilot.  

Free Will comes into play when we use discipline to reprogram our beliefs, thus changing our thought patterns, which shifts our entire reality and gives us the option to actually come into our sovereignty and exercise free will. 

The option to step into Free Will only comes through tapping into the conscious mind.

So which is it going to be? 

Are we going to allow our programming to dictate our thoughts, emotions, actions, and therefore, continue to play the role of who we have been taught to be?

Or are we going to step into our power, claim ownership over our minds and bodies, and grow into who we came here to be? 

The choice is yours, my friend! 

We owe it to the ourselves and the world to own our fullest potential and stop taking the easier path. The world needs our gifts more than ever. 

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