Does Free Will Exist?

I interpret the question free will poses as such – are my decisions and actions necessarily the inevitable result of my morality and character? Or do I possess the power to create the reality I desire for myself?

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Pranayama For Health

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Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning extension of the prana, or the practice of breath control. This is an essential yogic practice that originates from ancient India.

The prana, or breath, carries a person’s vital life force.

The practice of Pranayama releases and channels the body’s stores of internal pranic energy. Regular practice contributes to health of the body and mind.

5 Ways To Care For Your Body

No matter how spiritually evolved we may consider ourselves to be, the fact remains that we have been sent here to experience the human existence.

Think of your body as the foundation for all that is you.

If the foundation of a temple is falling apart, how can we expect spiritual communion to truly flourish?

3 Phrases To Eliminate To Create Success

How many times have we tried to accomplish a particular goal or make a passionate dream of ours a reality, only to have it fall short?

We are more than capable of doing anything we set our hearts, minds, and souls to! Sometimes we all need a reminder that the dreams we seek, big or small, are all within our reach.

5 Ways To Effectively Process Anger

Anger is one of those emotions that seeps into the cracks of your being when you’re not looking, not paying attention. There are certain situations, be it at school, work, home, that we encounter in our lives that inevitably trip our what-the-actual-f*ck-sensors.

We conclude, yes, it probably is best not to let the rage monster out in public. So, what can we do?