Welcome, Beloved!


I am Grace, and I am a Self Love Coach. I’ve been sent to Earth to help you kick some serious spiritual butt!

Loved ones know me as an eccentric plant-based foodie, a spiritual explorer, a metaphysics and esoteric nerd, and the constantly-reminding-you-to-drink-water friend. But how did I go from an overworked, hyper-stressed, sugar and caffeine-crazed train wreck to where I am today?

My History

Like so many of us, my early adult years were an amalgamation of unhealthy food habits, poor decisions, and emotional chaos. I was barely scraping by as a biology undergraduate student while partying it up like there was no tomorrow – and more days than not, I wished for that to be the case.

Starting in my early teenage years, I battled with disordered eating and the subsequent weight fluctuations, alopecia, insomnia, frequent illnesses and infections, opiate addiction, and debilitating mental illness.

Fast forwarding to my early twenties after a mosaic of trauma and abuse, breakups, and abysmal health choices, I was on a cocktail of eight medications, recovering from opiate addiction, and coping with the aftermath of PTSD. I had gotten on a one way train to a hell of my own making. My physical, mental, and spiritual health was in a state of complete disarray, to put it lightly. What was diagnosed as bipolar disorder type II and anxiety was merely a reflection of how much I could not stand the life I had been unconsciously creating for myself.

(To read more about my wellness journey, check out this post.)

The Turning Point

The turning point in my journey was when I realized that I was the problem.

It was quite the rude awakening! I saw clearly for the first time that although my experiences shaped me, it was I who was now responsible for what I choose to do with the cards I was dealt. I began to hold myself accountable for the state of my life, health, and my emotional landscape. 

Once I made the conscious decision to change, I switched to eating a whole foods, plant based diet, began practicing yoga regularly, journaling daily, and perhaps most impactfully, I decided to get off my medication cocktail for good. 

I became a temporary social recluse in order to focus on myself as well as to determine which relationships in my life were no longer serving me in a beneficial way. I think of that period in my life as The Hermit card in Tarot – a time in which I sought spiritual truths, contemplated my life’s meaning, and began the journey of change. As I began to reconstruct my life from ground zero, my health – physical, mental, and spiritual – took priority over all else. 


My own transformational journey brought me back into alignment with myself and my purpose. And goodness, was it a rocky road back!

It took me completely falling apart to recognize that I didn’t actually like my life. The direction my life was headed felt meaningless and empty to me. Ultimately, I recognized that I have the power to change the course of my life and empowered myself with a little tough love, a bunch of self care, and a whole lot of growth and learning. 

I am passionate about bringing people to a state of wellness to not only help them survive, but to create a lifestyle where they can truly thrive.

I care about healing holistically through a reprogramming limiting beliefs, chakra energy healing, shadow work integration, tarot reading, guided meditation, and cultivating daily rituals to support a sound body, mind, and spirit.

I love accelerating other’s awakening journeys to rediscover who they are and empower them to do what they came here to do. I fervently believe in healing Our Earth by rekindling our sacred connection to her and to each other. 

Like A Lotus… Bloom

I now know I went through my own challenges, pain, and subsequent healing journey for a purpose. I came out the other side of my darkness wiser and stronger than ever – it was all to prepare me for the work I came here to do.

I love to help other people create a life for themselves that they wake up every day excited about! 

I know without a doubt that it is possible for everyone to emerge from their challenges and blossom like a lotus rising from the mud. After all the obstacles I not only overcame but grew from in a miraculous way, the Chinese name my grandfather gifted me – “Lotus” – resonates with me on a soul level.

It is our hardships that make us. It took going through the deepest hell for me to find the courage to create a life I feel ecstatic about living. 

Join Me

I believe in a life filled with kindness, empathy, joy, and growth where I can serve others to the best of my ability. I guide others in healing themselves in order to show up as the fullest version of themselves, and in doing so, I learn something new about how to continue my own spiritual journey as well. 

You are an intelligent, motivated, self aware, and beautiful soul with a fierce determination to create your vision and become your most empowered and integrated self.

Let me work with you to help you love yourself and make your dreams a reality!

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