Private Coaching

Feeling a bit confused in our hectic world and not sure how to begin the next season of your journey? Going through some major life transitions and need someone in your corner? 

Let me be your coach! I will guide you with light, love, and joy. 

As your coach, I will be your mentor, an empathetic listening ear, and guide you towards a state of wellness and vitality. We will get clear on where you are currently (no BS involved) and create an actionable plan to move towards where you would like to be! 

Private Coaching Options:

Working together starts with a 90 minute initial consultation and strategy meeting in which we discuss where you currently are with your journey, imagine where you would like to be, and outline your goals and challenges. 

From there, we can decide which path will work best for where you are in this phase of your life.

Per Session

For those who are working through a specific challenge, I offer per session booking and rates. You may choose to book weekly, biweekly, or as needed!

If you are in this stage of growth, it is similar to a caterpillar in the metamorphosis stage of becoming a butterfly – it is the painful process of turning to goop and doing the appropriate work to emerge from your cocoon.

Together, we can hold space for the challenges you are currently experiencing, discover insights on what may be blocking you, and craft solutions to build a bridge to where you want to be.

Transformational Program

For those who are looking for rapid growth in a sustainable fashion with built in accountability, I offer 6 or 8 week programs. Rates for these programs will vary based on frequency of the sessions and the type of sessions we will be incorporating.

If you are in this stage of growth, you are a butterfly ready to master flight – you’ve tested out your wings and want to better learn how to navigate those twists and turns of your path.

After the on-boarding process, we will hold one-to-one weekly sessions running 60 minutes long for a duration of 6-8 weeks. These sessions can be conducted over the phone, via a video chat platform, or in person if you are local! 

At the end of our 6 or 8 week program, you have the option of enrolling in another program if our time together has served you well and you are hungry for more! 

What You Get With A 6 or 8 week Program:
  • A Concrete Weekly Appointment – During our onboarding process we will determine a specific, standing day and time for all of our weekly meetings. This way, we both have all our sessions mapped out in advance and you know this time is dedicated entirely to you!
  • Visit Notes – An outline of what we discuss each appointment and the action plan we have agreed upon.
  • Halfway Point Progress Report – A celebration of all the changes you’ve made already!
  • Resources – I’ve got an arsenal of tools and resources and I want to share them – with you!
  • Email Support – Have a pressing concern or good news that can’t wait until our next session? Feel free to reach out to me through email! Please be mindful that with having multiple clients, it may take me up to 72 hours to respond to emails.
  • Surprises & Gifts Along The Way – For me to know and you to find out!

Intuitive Tarot

50 minute session where I use Tarot as a tool to channel messages from Divine Guidance for your current experience. These sessions provides deeper exploration of your own intuition, greater insight on your present challenges, and gentle reminders on how to come more fully into your personal flavor of Magick.

Chakra Energy Healing

I offer 60 or 90 minute sessions and each session is highly individualized and tailored to what your body, mind, and spirit needs.

Each session offers Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Smudging with Sacred Herbs, Infusion of Divine Source energy, Auric & Energetic Body Cleansing and Rebalancing, Bija Mantra Chanting, Pranayama Breathwork, & Healing Touch.

Guided Meditation

Need a boost or reset in your week? Book your 30 minute personalized Guided Meditation session to recharge your energetic batteries and show yourself the love and devotion you deserve.

More To Come…

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