A Heartfelt Message For The Millennial Generation

Where does a lack of discipline come from? 

Millennials – this is going to be spicy! This is your fair warning – if you don’t see triggering as a portal to growth, I kindly suggest you keep scrolling and move on with your day. 

My fellow millennials, with love I must observe – we’ve become soft. 

When I say soft, I don’t mean in the good sense. There is a time and place, of course, for softness – for gentleness and ease, for flow and surrender.

Soft in this sense means lacking a backbone, being absent of willpower, discipline, and the ability to self motivate and commit to something. 

We as a collective have lost the ability to persevere in the face of hardship and challenge. 

While it wasn’t necessarily our fault that we’ve learned to become this way, it damn well is our responsibility now to take ownership of that and unlearn this way of moving through the world. 

Unless of course, it is serving you in some way – in which case… carry on. 

A major issue I’ve noticed in the millennial generation is learned helplessness. We crumble in the face of opposition, tuck tail and run when confronted with uncomfortable friction. 

It isn’t our fault that we’ve been programmed to be this way. 

We’ve been taught that if we follow the trajectory society has laid out for us – school, job, marriage, kids – that we are guaranteed success. And that this material, societally defined definition of “success” means we will achieve our way into happiness.

So many of us are finding that this illusion is a fallacy that leads to an unfulfilling life trapped in the rat race matrix.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that we’ve been dealt a pretty shit hand – climate change caused by our own carelessness and apathy, systemic racism, medical systems that profit from dis-ease, global corruption, food systems based on abuse and exploitation, catastrophic levels of mental dis-ease, rape of the feminine – just to name a few.

Add on top of that the fact that older generations monopolize positions of power and influence, unwilling to pass the baton and abdicate the proverbial throne. 

However, can we blame them? 

Can we blame them for not trusting us to hold our own? For not believing we are ready to lead?

Because from what I can see, they are right.

We, as a collective, aren’t ready… Yet. 

We’ve been too busy playing the “poor me” game. We’ve been too busy whining about the unfairness and injustice of it all – how ill equipped we are to deal with the daunting reality of the monumental changes we need to make to survive as a species. 

We’ve been preoccupied with blaming Baby Boomers for fucking things up. We’ve been distracted by the shiny newness of things that satisfy our addiction to instant gratification. 

We’ve been making excuses for why it’s too hard, and why it’ll never work. 

We’ve convinced ourselves that this world is doomed. And if this is what we continue to tell ourselves, this is what we will continue to see, and how things will continue to be.

We’ve been so fixated on pointing the finger trying to figure out who’s fault it is that we’ve forgotten that we ALL have had a part to play.

When will it be time to claim responsibility over your part?

We can choose to continue to be soft, to lack discipline and drive, to balk in the face of responsibility and commitment – to make excuses as to why we can’t, or shouldn’t, or won’t. 

After all, this lack of discipline stems from a core belief we made with ourselves due to the trauma we’ve experienced. 

We have learned that hard work does not pay off. 

We’ve learned that the route society planned for us is a trap. We’ve learned that no matter what we do, we won’t get what we want anyway, so why bother even trying? 

The core belief comes from a part of you that has been so wounded in the past, that it associates discipline with an undesirable outcome. 

I invite you to consider that the issue isn’t discipline itself. 

The problem was a reward-punishment style system that duped us into unwilling or half-hearted discipline to achieve things that society dictated were important or worthwhile. All with little to no pay off, and for many of us – piles and piles of debt. 

But what if we were to learn to be disciplined about the things that resonate with our soul, our inner calling, our belief in something greater than ourselves?

What if we were to channel that discipline into rising to the invitation to be our most empowered selves? To break open our untapped potential?

What if we were to commit to and exercise discipline towards things that really, truly matter to us as individuals? 

And what if this discipline on an individual level not only drives us to become the best versions of ourselves, but to create revolutionary, sustainable change on a global level?

Yes, we are but drops of water among an ocean of sharks. 

And yet, each drop of water banded together has the ability to become a force that determines the weather systems of the entire planet. 

It all starts with you. It all starts on an individual level.

My millennial brothers and sisters – I know we’ve been handed a gigantic plate of shit and were told to accept it as is. I know we have our work cut out for us without having learned the tools to do this work with mastery and skill. 

I also know that we all have gifts we came to this Earth with. 

And I know that we were born into this generation, this role in human history, precisely BECAUSE we are capable of changing the trajectory we are on. 

The question is… have we tapped into this knowledge yet? Have we acquired the tools to harness our gifts and the discipline to master them? 

I’m on my way there, and I will never stop growing, learning and unlearning, and opening to love and a better way of being.

If I can do it, you certainly can too.

The world needs us, my friend. 

It may be a challenging road ahead. It will require discipline, courage, strength of heart, mastery of mind, rest, and self motivated evolution. 

It will be hard work, yes. And we don’t have to go it alone. We’re in this as One. 

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