Heal The Wounded Maiden To Become Empowered In Your Womanhood

Calling all my Queens! 

Are you ready to heal the Wounded Maiden and open into the full bloom of the Mother? 

As women we move through three major seasons of life – the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. 

Understanding these archetypes separately and drawing wisdom from the integration of the three is key to opening to our fullest wild feminine magic. 

The Maiden archetype is the self that is embarking on the journey of self discovery – venturing into the underworld for the process of self initiated metamorphosis. 

At her core, the Maiden is fiercely independent, untamed, authentic, curious and explorative, intelligent, unpredictable, and vibrant with life.

She connects us to our vital feminine life force – our sacred sexuality, which happens to be one and the same as our power for creation, manifestation, and financial abundance. 

When we experience childhood trauma, the Maiden archetype within us becomes wounded. 

The Wounded Maiden is deeply disconnected with her intuitive power, unable to express herself authentically.

The Wounded Maiden archetype is often depicted in media as the damsel in distress. Traditional story tropes typically portray the Maiden archetype as either a demure, virginal daughter, or a sex object existing for the sole pleasure of men. 

Most women in today’s society are perpetually stuck in the Wounded Maiden archetype. 

Society has spurned an obsession for women to over-identify with the quest for eternal youth – placing on a pedestal the shallowest aspects of what it means to be youthful. 

Aging is viewed as the enemy – something to defy and deny at all costs. 

As a result, the maturation of the Maiden season of life, and the healing of the Maiden’s wounds have been cast to the wayside. 

An over-identification with the Wounded Maiden energy manifests as: 

  • The inability to control sexual and romantic impulses, often leaping from one relationship to the next to fulfill an internal emptiness or fulfill the desire for constant stimulation.
  • A lack of discernment between when to allow your magic and wildness flow and when to harness this power with structure and control.
  • The chase of the thrill and forever seeking the next distraction.
  • An inability to embrace the Divine Feminine power of transformation.
  • The abuse and misuse of sacred sexuality.
  • The obsession with the quest to remain forever young – often to the point of lacking emotional depth and maturity.
  • A skewed relationship to commitment, responsibility, personal accountability, ownership of one’s life, and sovereignty as a whole being.
  • The abandonment of security and structure, typically stemming from a deep-rooted fear of being caged.

A suppression or underdevelopment of the Empowered Maiden energy manifests as:

  • A rigid approach to life – lacking in the ability to flow, adapt, and be spontaneous.
  • Fear of change and the rejection of our inherently wild nature.
  • A deeply ingrained shame surrounding the body and its pleasures – suppressed sexuality, inability to embrace your sensuality, and rejection or demonization of personal desire.
  • A disconnect from your essential life force and creative power, often presenting as a refusal or fear to venture outside the box.
  • Personal insecurity and a mindset of lack.
  • Clinging to situations, people, and things that are no longer in alignment for the purpose of feeling safe in what is known and familiar.
  • Allowing the objectification of self and bending to the desires of others while disregarding your own personal truth.
  • Playing the game of “should” – adhering strictly to the rules and structures of what “should” be , how you “should” behave , the timeline you “should” be living by, regardless of the personal betrayal and cost to your wellbeing.

In order to grow intentionally into the full bloom of the Mother archetype, we must first heal the Wounds of the Maiden, which in today’s world, none of us are exempt from.

Integrate your shadow, wield your magic, own your power, and rise into your fullest self. 

Goddesses – we are in a season of humanity where we are focused on building deeper layers beyond the material realm and what the eye can see.

We are creating more depth, more richness, and more wildness in our movement through the world.

We are not one-dimensional images of what womanhood “should” be.

We are more than the stunted, suppressed, idealized versions depicted in media and exalted by the Wounded Masculine energy parading in the patriarchy.

We must venture into the underworld and retrieve our shadow in order to create from a space of Wholeness rather than from the wounds of the Maiden. 

Embrace your Inner Goddess and come back to the magic and intuition that lives within you. 

Open yourself to the Divine to allow inspiration to come through. You are a channel for divinity and creation.

Heal your internal space by holding your shadow with loving kindness, gentleness, and patience.

It is time to do the shadow work and now is the season for closing out old patterns and cycles. 

Examine any limiting beliefs around financial freedom, worth and value, career vs purpose, selling yourself short. With compassion, hold yourself accountable for how you are contributing to your patterning. 

When we heal our Maiden and harness her wild magic, we can begin to transform into the rich abundance of the Mother.

The first step to this transformation is to awaken to the truth of what it means to be a woman, and to stop identifying with the programming we have been fed.

Only then, can the journey of the Goddess truly begin.

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