What is a certified Coach?

A certified coach is a wellness professional that has undergone a rigorous training program to better equip them to serve your growth.

A coach is a person who has discovered their calling in helping individuals achieve their personal goals through rewriting limiting beliefs, examining behavioral patterns, and setting tangible action steps.

I help you to identify key lifestyle changes to optimize your self-development game! Coaches can specialize in a variety of different areas and differ based on areas of expertise, the tools they offer, and personal coaching philosophy. 


What does a Coach do?

A coach works with you to design an individualized plan in order to assist you in creating effective and lasting lifestyle changes to help you reach your optimal state of wellness. We practice active listening and guide you to discover small, incremental action steps based on the changes you would like to make.

I believe that every person already knows the changes they need to make for their healing journey – having a little help and support along the way can guide us to where we want to be!


How can a Coach help me reach my goals?

Through one-to-one coaching, we explore where your challenges and areas of growth are. Together, we identify where you would like to be at the conclusion of our time working together and build a custom, actionable plan to help you achieve your major milestones.

We work through limiting mindsets, break through mental barriers, and create simple action steps to expedite your growth in a sustainable way. How exactly this happens depends on what the client and coach each bring to the table! I like to work with clients through mirroring conversations, guided exercises and practices, and providing practical tools for growth. 


What kind of Coaching do you do?

I practice as a Self Love Coach. In my coaching practice, we focus on self love through healing and integrating past trauma by understanding how these lingering traumas have become embedded in our belief systems, which impact every decision we make and the patterns of behavior that run our lives. 

From this space, we begin to change our subconscious patterning to create the results we want in life. I specialize in Inner Child Work, Trauma Processing & Release, and Shadow Work Integration. Some of my favorite tools for this work are guided meditations, embodiment practice, tarot readings, and chakra energy healing sessions. I love making spirituality applicable for practical use!

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-coach! I am a firm believer in bio-individuality – that is, everyone is a unique individual and our respective bodies, minds, and spirits all have different needs. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. 

My promise is to help you connect more deeply with yourself through cultivating a self-loving relationship filled with awareness, non-judgment, accountability, joy, and purpose. 

What is your Coaching Philosophy?

My coaching philosophy is that no one needs a coach, and everyone could benefit from the right coach for them.

You are a unique butterfly of the Universe! You deserve a coach who can see and understand all the gifts you have to offer the world and who you can vibe with and create emotional intimacy, trust, and safety with.

Everyone already has the answers they seek within themselves, and sometimes, we don’t have all the tools we need to thrive – that’s where having a guide along the journey comes in. 

My goal is to get my clients to a place where they have grown beyond what our relationship can offer and to celebrate with them the victories we have achieved! I do not wish to keep my clients dependent on me, and my purpose is to equip my clients to thrive in a way that allows you to draw from your own sovereign, aligned energy. 

Why should I work with a Coach?

If you are the star player in the game of your life, I am the coach that develops a strategy with you, dusts you off when you fall to get you back on the field, cheers you on from the sidelines, and celebrates victories with you!

You are an intelligent, empowered individual and already know what your goals are. I am on your team to support you in making those changes and help you get over any hurdles and challenges. 

If you want to expedite your personal growth, and super boost the gifts you were born with, while more deeply exploring the relationship you have with yourself, a coach is a valuable ally to have on your team.  

Who do you work with?

I work with motivated, open-minded individuals who are ready to commit to becoming their most vibrant and peaceful selves! My clients are incredible humans who are self-aware, empathetic, gifted, driven, and always on the journey of discovery and growth. 

How do your sessions work?

I start off our time together with the initial consultation – we discuss what your current challenges are and your areas for growth and what your desired outcomes are from working together. Here is where I will also answer any questions you may have for me and we discuss if we are a good fit!

My promise to you is to be authentic in my approach and scope of practice and my desire is for you to find the right connection needed to form a successful coaching relationship.

Based on where you are at in your journey, what you need from me might be different from what others need. I like to adopt a flexible, client-centered approach when decided what kind of structure will work best for us!

For those who are working through a specific challenge, I offer per session booking and rates. You may choose to book weekly, biweekly, or as needed! If you are in this stage of growth, it is similar to a caterpillar in the metamorphosis stage of becoming a butterfly – it is the painful process of turning to goop and doing the appropriate work to emerge from your cocoon. 

For those who are looking for rapid growth in a sustainable fashion with built in accountability, I offer 6 or 8 week programs. Rates for these programs will vary based on frequency of the sessions and the type of sessions we will be incorporating. If you are in this stage of growth, you are a butterfly ready to master flight – you’ve tested out your wings and want to better learn how to navigate those twists and turns of your path. 

Do I need to be in your area to participate in your programs?

If you’ve got a phone or a computer and wifi, anyone can participate in my programs! We can schedule coaching sessions to be conducted on the phone or video chat. Location is not an inhibiting factor in this day and age!

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