Wisdom From The Crone

My Crone has been speaking to me lately – she’s the wizened, future me in her late 50’s – early 60’s. Silver-haired and wrinkled with wisdom. She reminds me to take it easy. She shows me how abundant she is –

And how abundant I already am. 

I’ve been able to tap more into that future self in this past year. Not so able to see the surrounding circumstances, but rather, channeling how I feel in the future. As if  everything I’m desiring and co-creating is already here. And that’s when I realize, it already is. 

I just need to keep doing the work. 

plant by ariari is licensed under CC | Source

You see, even plants have a season of underground growth. 

You’re digging through the mud, working your way towards the light, getting dirty in all the shadow work, mastering your craft, learning new skills, having the ugly cries. 

The wisdom of the Crone is that everything happens in cycles and seasons. 

There are times of expansion AND contraction. Both are necessary just as the breath comes with inhales and exhales. 

And when you pay extra close attention, you’ll start to notice, that each time you contract, the following expansion opens you even wider – to love, to bliss, to peace, to purpose, to new growth sure to come. 

There is a time to sow and a time to reap. 

plant by Yamanaka Tanaki is licensed under CC | Source

Don’t get down on yourself during the times of underground growth, where you’re busting your ass, you’re not seeing tangible results, where you’re reassessing and learning – these are the times to be kind with yourself. 

Be gentle in how you hold yourself. 

Don’t let your outcome define your self worth. Don’t let who you are become attached to what you do. 

If part of your inner work right now is to come into a place of emotional and relational harmony with yourself, then we must learn how to unhook ourselves from the cycle of emotional rollercoastering. (That’s right, I just made rollercoastering a word.)

In fact, you’re already doing just that aren’t you? That’s why you’re here. Be patient with this part of the process. 

This is the season when you’re learning resilience in every sense of the word. 

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