3 Ways To Find Your Focus

For most of us, Friday symbolizes all that is free and good left in the world – it marks the triumphant (albeit exhaustive) end of the day-in-day-out tedious drudgery of the work week.

Friday is the day we are able to collectively stick it to the man, shouting with exuberance, “You don’t own me anymore! …At least not until Monday.”

“I’m going to be extremely productive and go above and beyond this Friday!” said no one ever.

3 Phrases To Eliminate To Create Success

How many times have we tried to accomplish a particular goal or make a passionate dream of ours a reality, only to have it fall short?

We are more than capable of doing anything we set our hearts, minds, and souls to! Sometimes we all need a reminder that the dreams we seek, big or small, are all within our reach.