Rape Of The Feminine

I howl with the fury of all the Daughters I have been
My Soul bears the wounded Hearts of the Feminine 
Cries of Sisters bereaved passed down for millennia 
As foreign invaders continue storming the shores of our Sacred Space

I drink the wine of the Feminine womb
Bathe myself in the tears of Daughters forsaken 
Sacred connection sullied by the egos of lesser “men”
Domestication of the Primal Feminine disintegrates the Stars in our eyes to ash

And still our Magick prevails
And still our Wisdom heals
And still our Voices rise
And still our Bodies flower
And still our Hearts open

Lavender on my skin burns with the suppressed rage of a thousand Suns
I call upon the Dark Moon Goddess to unleash my pain
Her pain
OUR pain

The Rape of the Feminine shall continue no more

The whites of my eyes burn with visions of Sisters caged
Desecration of our Sacred Sex threaten to turn my Heart black 
Reflections of my pain mirrored in every Woman’s eyes I meet

Sisters, do you feel me?

All the sage on Earth is not enough for to burn the filthy fingerprints of lost men from my hips
With every corner I turn
Blame cast like curses bind the shame tighter around my ribs
Fingers pointed at my breasts paint me scarlet

The flames in my belly doused with Father wounds left untended
Lips of the love-starved suck the nectar from my Womb
Entranced by the power to take, to control
Greed rips the Magick from my core

Please Brother, hear my plea
Do you not see?
Stripping me of my power will not amplify yours
Burrowing your sorrow into my birthing grounds only passes it onto your Sons
Injecting me with your poison only quickens your own decay

Brothers, why have you deserted us? 
Hands meant to protect press violet into our throats
Arms meant to guide jerk the breath from our lungs
Eyes meant to love delight in the violence of our wails
Why do you bloody your Spirit with brutality to hide from your own pain? 

If not for the Love of the Masculine Heart I would beseech Wolf Mother to tear the evil from your throats
The Light within me will not allow my Heart to be tarnished with the notion of vengeance 
Breeding more Hatred, more pain 
Serves no one

And yet, when the Night is darkest
The Feminine Wild in me calls for the Shadow of a hundred days without Sun
If it is a male God who blesses these rites of passage into “Manhood”
I will burn your temples to the ground

I will break the chains of the Daughters you caged
Anoint my Sisters with the Righteous Rage of Winds of Change 
Reignite the flames you sought to extinguish with the toxins seeping from your flesh

Sisters, are you with me?

It is time for the Rising of the Wild, Dark Feminine
Reclaim your Power now
The battle of the Heart has begun

Goddess, mark my words
The Patriarchy will fall

Brothers, join our cause
Or seek shelter
Destruction is coming and she will be swift and sure-footed

The old must burn
To Birth the new

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