Carotenoid & Potassium Power Autumn Vegetable Medley

The Dish

Hearty oven roasted teeny tiny potatoes and carrots with fresh organic thyme and rosemary, flash sautéed spicy basil haricot verts with orange bell peppers and garlic, and maple pear and baby arugula summer salad topped with raw sunflower seeds.

seasonal fall veggies with summer salad

One of the most important things to me in cooking veggies is to make sure I don’t overcook the vegetables. In addition to being soggy and gross, it also robs the plants of their nutrients when they’re over cooked! I’m all about the crunch of fresh veggies.

Another important thing to note is cooking by feel and your personal tastes – the recommended amounts of each ingredient in the recipes are simply guidelines. I encourage cooking and eating adventurously!

Feel free to swap out ingredients or add any others you desire. Fresh herbs can be swapped for dried herbs as they may be more readily available.

Listen to what your body is craving.


Seasonal Roasted Vegetables

4 oz teeny tiny potatoes (Apparently that’s what they’re called! Slightly smaller than fingerling potatoes)
1 carrot peeled & sliced into ¼ inch pieces
1 sprig of rosemary, chopped
2 sprigs of thyme
1 tbsp olive oil
½ tsp salt & pepper

This dish is fantastic if you’re looking for some comforting seasonal root veggies. Plus the tiny potatoes are just so adorable and fun to eat! Nutrition packed and friendly for adults and kids alike.

roasted seasonal vegetables

Toss potatoes and carrots separately in olive oil, salt, and herb mixture. Coat baking pan with olive oil. Heat oven to 450℉ and bake seasoned potatoes for 10 minutes. Add seasoned carrots and bake for additional 5-10 minutes or until potatoes are tender and golden brown.

Sautéed Haricot Verts With Pepper

2 oz haricots verts (thin french green beans)
¼ orange bell pepper, diced
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
Handful of basil leaves, chopped
Red pepper flakes & salt to taste
1 tsp olive oil

sauteed haricot vertes with pepper

Heat medium sauté pan over high heat. Reduce heat to medium-high and add garlic and basil, stirring frequently for 1 minute until garlic is golden brown. Add red pepper flakes along with garlic and basil for extra kick!

Add haricots verts and cook for 2 minutes on medium heat. Add orange bell pepper and red pepper flakes at this step for a milder spice. Sauté for 1-2 minutes until haricots are a deep green and still crunchy. Take off heat and salt to taste.  

Maple Pear Arugula Salad

1 oz baby arugula
Pear sliced
Raw sunflower seeds
2 parts extra virgin olive oil
1 part balsamic vinegar
Maple syrup & salt to taste

maple pear arugula salad

Slice fresh pear chunks and mix with baby arugula and sunflower seeds. Whisk balsamic vinegar, EVOO, and maple syrup. Toss salad mixture with dressing or serve with dressing on the side. Swap sunflower seeds for pumpkin seeds if you’re looking for something season-friendly.

Health Benefits

Seasonal Roasted Vegetables – Potatoes contain half the daily dose of vitamin C which is essential to immune function. They also are a great source of potassium and vitamin B6, fiber, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Carrots contain high levels of beta-carotene, fiber, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamin C. They contribute to good eye health and help lower cholesterol.  

Thyme is seasonal to autumn and is a medicinal mediterranean herb that treats a wide range of ailments including diarrhea, arthritis, and sore throat. It contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, riboflavin, fiber, iron, manganese, and copper.

Rosemary contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory compounds. It is associated with improving digestion, enhancing memory and concentration, and preventing neurological aging.

Sautéed Haricot Verts With Pepper – Green beans are an excellent source of copper, vitamin B1, chromium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin K, folate, and carotenoids. They can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Bell peppers have a high amount of vitamin C, potassium, and carotenoids, and can help improve heart and eye health.

Maple Pear Arugula Salad – Pears contain a good amount of fiber which boosts healthy digestion and antioxidants which protect cells from harmful free radicals. Pears can promote weight loss, cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk for diabetes.

Arugula contains calcium, potassium, and folate. Vitamin C is an antioxidant in arugula that supports the immune system. Vitamin K promotes blood coagulation. Vitamin A supports eye health and kidney, lung, and heart function.

Sunflower seeds are heaping with the B complex vitamins which are crucial for nervous system health. They also are a great source for phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, protein, and vitamin E.


Happy eating folks! And remember, food is art.

“Let food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates

How did this recipe work out for you? Share your pictures and comments in the comments section below!

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